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Open for Business

Now that the Laundry Hub is open my dream has come true, I got the idea back in 2014 and after doing a lot of research and probing I decided to go for it. I knew that I had to offer something above and beyond the usual run of the mill laundrette and the poor image that they have, so with my ideas in mind I was fortunate enough to come accross AGS who are the main dealers and installers for Electrolux laundry equipment.They persevered with me whilst I decided on the equipment that I wanted and they offered guidance and advice along the way. So after looking around other laundrettes far and wide, and other equipment makers, I finally settled on Electrolux, now this is a name that most people are familiar with for household washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and the like so it does instill confidence in the customers when they come to the shop.

The next stages were frustrating as one would imagine, the planning permission and lease negotiations taking over 10 months, but when the keys were handed over that's when the work really began. But thanks to all our hard working contractors and project management by my husband Ken we got the business up and running in record time.

So with washing machines from 9Kg capacity to 20Kg capacity and dryers to match, plus ironing capacity and complemented with state of the art water softening equipment we can offer the full spectrum of laundry service including a dry cleaning service, sewing repairs and alterations, in pleasant clean and bright surroundings with free WiFi and TV.

Delivery and collection free of charge within a 10 mile radius.